This evening we heard (Sunday October 4th):

The majesty of thy sacred words and the balanced and exact elaboration and method that can be discerned within thy wise demonstrations, O divine Hierotheos, are known to be the fruit of a mind filled with all knowledge and most wise; they enlighten those who flee to thee and give wisdom unto them that read thy words.

The Menaion, October 4th, Holy Hierarch Hierotheos, Bishop of Athens

Do not despair during the appointed period between seedtime and harvest...


  That is why the Lord, leading us away from these evils which result from excess wealth, commands us to love and do good even to our enemies, and to lend to those who cannot repay, without giving up hope. For, He says, “Your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for He is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil”
(Luke 6:35). “Do not imagine”, He says, “that if you do good to evildoers and give to borrowers who will not pay you back, that what is yours will be lost. For now is the time for sowing good works, but the season of harvesting them is the age to come.” So do not despair during the appointed period between seedtime and harvest, but know that you will gather in what is yours many times over, just as those who do wrong now will reap their own evils. Whatever anybody sows here, he will harvest there, but with a great increase.
   If here you make yourself like the Son of God through your actions and show yourself kind towards all, as He is kind to everyone, there you will receive likeness to Him, and more besides.

The Homilies of Saint Gregory Palamas - Homily 45, 2nd Sunday of Luke, pp. 353-358


This evening we heard (Sunday, September 27th):

Before Thy venerable Cross, death was terrible unto men; after Thy glorious Passion, man became terrible unto death. Thus did the prizewinner Kallistratos prevail; thus did he destroy all the power of the enemy. By his intercessions, O Christ, save our souls.

The Menaion, September 27th, Holy Martyr Kallistratos and the 49 Holy Martyrs with him

This evening we heard (Sunday, September 20th):

Shine Thy light, which no man may approach, on us, O Christ God, for, behold, we are all the works of Thy hands; crown our godly hierarchs with the weapon of Thy Cross; grant them victory over. all heretical doctrines; for they have Thy Cross as strength and riches safe from thieves and a mighty wall and a stronghold, O Most High, my Saviour, Who dweltest in the Theotokos' uncorrupted womb.

... and also ...

Bringing forth thy household as a harvest, thou, O Evstathios, wast through fire offered unto God as incense divine and sweet, as a whole-burnt off'ring utterly delightful, a very pleasing sacrifice, and as a living oblation pure and whole; for this cause, thou, together with thy wife and sons, hast been now received in the heavenly dwelling-place by the armies of Saints on high.

The Menaion, Sunday after the Exaltation of the Cross, September 20th, Holy Great-martyr Evstathios and his wife and two sons

This evening we heard (Monday, Sepember 14th):

Come, all ye nations, let us worship the blessed Tree, through which was wrought the everlasting righteousness. For he that by a tree beguiled our forefather Adam, is himself ensnared by the Cross; and he that by tyranny gained dominion over the creation of the King, is by faith overthrown in utter ruin. By the Blood of God, the serpent's poison is washed away; and the curse of a just condemnation is loosed by the unjust judgment passed against the Just One. For it was fitting that the wood should be healed by wood; and that the sufferings of him who was condemned because of the tree should be done away through the Passion of Him Who is passionless. But, O Christ our King, glory to Thy dread dispensation toward us, whereby Thou hast saved us all, since Thou art good and the Friend of man.

The Menaion, September 14th, The Exaltation of the Precious Cross

This evening we heard (Sunday, September 13th):

Be ye consecrated, O brethren, and putting off the old man, walk ye in newness of life, putting a bridle upon all things whence cometh death. Let us chasten all our members, hating every evil food of the tree, and remembering things past, only that we might flee from them. Thus is a man consecrated; thus is the day of consecration honoured.

... and also ...

Thou hast set Thy Church as a tower of strength, O Christ, Thou Word before the ages, for Thou hast founded her upon the rock of faith. Wherefore, she remaineth unshaken for ever, having Thee, Who in the last times for her sake becamest man without suffering change. Therefore, as we give thanks, we praise Thee with hymns, saying: Thou art He Who before the ages and beyond the ages art yet our King. Glory be to Thee.

Sunday, September 13th, Consecration of the Temple of the resurrection in Jerusalem and Sunday Before the Exaltation of the Precious Cross

This evening we heard (Tuesday, September 8th):

Although by the will of God barren women have brought forth illustrious children, yet Maria, with divine magnificence, hath outshone all that have been born; for she, who was marvellously born of a childless mother, herself past nature bare in the flesh the God of all from a seedless womb. She is the only gateway of the Only-begotten Son of God, Who, passing through this gate, kept it shut; and having ordered all things wisely, as He Himself saw fit, He hath wrought salvation for all men.

The Menaion, September 8th, Nativity of the Theotokos

This evening we heard (Sunday, September 6th):

As the Marshal and champion, and the leader of the Angels, O Chief Commander, deliver from every necessity and affliction, from disease and grave sin, them that sincerely praise thee and make request of thee. Being immaterial, O glorious Michael, thou distinctly beholdest Him Who is immaterial, and thou shinest with the unapproachable light of the Master's glory; for He, in His love for man, received flesh from a Virgin for our sake, having willed to save mankind.

The Menaion, September 6th, Miracle of the Holy Archangel Michael at Chonae

Today we heard (Saturday, August 29th):

Tyrant Herod the accursed, transgressing the Law and seduced with the revels of his birthday, prepareth the damsel to dance, having persuade her with oaths that he will fulfil her every request while she, spurred on by the instructions of her mother, asketh for the Forerunner's head in a charger.

The Menaion, August 29th, The Beheading of the Venerable Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John

This evening we heard (Sunday, August 23rd):

O strange wonder, great and marvellous! For the fount of life is laid within a sepulchre; a ladder to Heaven's heights doth the small grave become. Be glad, O Gethsemane, the sanctuary of her that gave birth to God. Ye faithful, let us cry out, possessing as our commander great Gabriel: Maiden Full of Grace, rejoice thou, with thee is the Lord our God, Who abundantly granteth His great mercy to the world through thee.

The Menaion, August 23rd, Apodosis of the Dormition of the Theotokos